The Great Surprise Door Systems

Latest door phone for school pistol shooting, the sound is so boring, shrill, like from hell. He closed his eyes, thought he was dead, however, took a long time, the body does not feel any pain. He slowly opened the eyes, looked down, his body is really no wounds, how this is going, do each other's bullet missed the? He is puzzled when the middle-aged killer body stiffly fell down, fall to the ground, hands and feet still twitching. Behind him the killer, hands carrying a pistol muzzle, are braving the smoke. You killed him? video door phone looking at the man in disbelief. Not. The man sounds cold, chilling cold, he will lift his gun, pointing video door phone, said that he was killing you, and me, and kill you! video door phone laughed, and now he understands why should his companions to kill each other, the original, he is trying to Tangong! He said, why do not you do yourself? You, do not afraid of you? The man cold voice asked.

Video door phone strange eyebrows say that for a killer, it will leave more of your nonsense. Think of video door phone this time can say such a thing, that people can not help but mouth quirked. He put down the gun, and the other hand, lift, pull off video door entry systems the mask, revealing a standard European face, brown hair, white skin, deep facial features, deep blue eyes, looking appearance, can be regarded as very handsome, and his age is not large, at least in the video door phone seems he should not exceed thirty. The man said, my name is Jack. You can rest assured that I did not come to kill you! So saying, he will not return to his waist pistol. Video door phone at him, smile and shook his head. The development of things, out of his great surprise, a killer to kill himself, in the end not only did not kill him, but also saved him, even smart as video door phone, it really could not understand each other's intentions it. Why? video door phone asked, why did you do that? I have a friend, recognizing Mr. Xie. Even in the absence of hostility, that people speak both expressions and tone is still cold, immutable. Who? video door phone asked, puzzled. He called white ho. Is he? Heard the name, video door phone dark surprised. Bai Hao is video door phone in London, England accept younger brother and give him a lot of assistance, so that he developed in the UK Wendong forces. Although this is a very clever man, but video door phone for he did not report much hope, but did not expect him to be able to influence extended to much, let him help himself secretly caring school in London Jinrong true. This turned out to be a killer named Jack White ho friends, this is the video door phone in any door entry systems.


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